HOME PORT is a rare vocal trio, a golden blend of romantic and progressive spirit. 

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The music is an overflow of lilting melodies, exotic harmonies, and uncommon rhythms surrounding poetry that plumbs the depths of the human soul.

Home Port in Concert

" Words cannot fully describe how the performance affected me.  The unique combination of beautiful and original melodies, together with your lovely and pure voices, as well as the emotive lyrics, not only moved me emotionally, but also activated my imagination and evoked in me wonderful sensations of pleasure, wonderment and joy. " - Dr. Sara Kriger

HOME PORT vocal trio brings accessible, sophisticated, high-minded spirit to the heart of humanity as they travel far and wide in song


The vocalists care deeply about connecting people to themselves and to one another through the embracing frequencies of the music they create in this one-of-a-kind project


Since forming in 2013, HOME PORT has recorded three studio albums and performed in front of audiences worldwide.

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