a non-profit, international team base of musical, literary, visual, performance, and culinary artists who nourish visitors with new theater productions, concert music and dance performances, storytelling, art exhibitions, instructional workshops, formal lectures, and dazzlingly healthy cuisine.    

85 Friendship Road, Waldoboro, ME 

+1 (207) 790-8402


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Review of HOME PORT live concert

" Words cannot fully describe how the performance affected me.  The unique combination of beautiful and original melodies, together with your lovely and pure voices, as well as the emotive lyrics, not only moved me emotionally, but also activated my imagination and evoked in me wonderful sensations of pleasure, wonderment and joy. " - Dr. Sara Kriger



New beginnings at the former Methodist church building in Waldoboro, ME 

Cakewood Creative Arts is a not-for-profit place to gather and experience high-minded creative expressions from another world. It is a universal home for innovative art that bridges distances between people and places far and wide. 

Join us for the grand re-imagining of this beautiful, embracing, ancient space in its new evolution, as we host a special concert by the international vocal trio HOME PORT

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