HOME PORT is a World Music Vocal Project that expresses uncommon beauty through progressive, romantic, contemporary compositions.  HOME PORT strives to connect and bridge distances between people and places far and wide.



Featured vocalists:

Meirav Eytan

Porter Smith



 Website: homeportmusic.com





HOME PORT sings Oomaloo -

A new, innovative musical genre.

Oomaloo is a fictitious seaside place - the land of seven waterfalls - where the natural, native music is in a balanced but odd rhythm, and the vocal expressions are shared by male and female alike.

Porter Smith writes these deeply moving lyrics and compositions, sings, produces, accompanies on his one-of-a-kind 7-string guitar, 10-string guitar, and bass.

Porter's musical life is an overflow of finely woven melodies, odd rhythms, ancient, romantic sensibility, and lilting voices. His regard for the female voice is apparent throughout his thirty year career, but never so realized as in this current project - HOME PORT. 




For more information and for booking a concert please contact us:


Phone: (503)413-0534

Based in New York, NY